ABOLISH 99% OF ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES because most of them are like religions – false promises of the future without delivering legal benefits. I was a temporary worker in an insurance company. Papers were to be filed in absurd categories and covered the floor in an office. It was nearly impossible to track the progression of a claim. There might be some remote insurance that is real, honest and helpful, but I don’t know it. Do you? BRING BACK REGULATIONS – to banks, hedge funds, energy companies, environmentally-involved companies, etc. CONGRESSIONAL PEOPLE’S INCOME OVER ONE MILLION – will no longer … Continue reading HOW TO FIX AMERICAN SOCIETY

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17 Old Age Advantages

Able to satisfy my addiction to readingThe Internet, a free-English rotating library, and scrupulous spending on Kindle satisfies that need. Can use the excuse ‘I’m old’ I flash my passport to healthy young men on crowded trains when no seats are available. Don’t have to worry about getting into college or grad schoolDid that. Know a lotHow I wish I had understood money, food, health, hormones, and the brain and nervous systems! As well as sexuality; how culture forms personality; and, differences – on all levels – between men and women, as I do now! Living in 10 countries and … Continue reading 17 Old Age Advantages

SIGNS – work in progress

Road signs – Aramco, in Arabic and English, on the Aramco compound in Saudi Arabia. The entire compound looked like a small town in the USA. Then a STOP sign in, Korean or Japanese – I don’t remember. Portuguese road signs. See this link for the signs you don’t understand. The words ‘sign’ and ‘symbol’ are often interchangeable and listed as synonyms in many sources. My first inclination made me think of road signs. The STOP sign is universal in its octagon shape and red color, but not always language. Strangely in Portugal, the sign is in English. At first, … Continue reading SIGNS – work in progress

Teaching Paragraph & Essay Writing, along with Grading Samples

First, the usual handout, then a visual handout for how to teach writing a paragraph. Then, using the same visual, it can be extended for writing a five-paragraph essay. After those, a handout on writing a good topic sentence. Followed by how to narrow an idea down to a specific topic that can be managed within an essay. Then three suggestions for how to grade essays. These are posted as jpegs. Please feel free to use them. They really helped me in teaching writing. VisibilityPublish15 Revisions Document Continue reading Teaching Paragraph & Essay Writing, along with Grading Samples


Nowadays, with Google images, it’s possible to see money from around the world. Before that, here’s my collection. American money is actually the most boring – all the same color, same size, different picture of a president in the middle. Unfortunately, the two dollar bill was recalled, although re-issued in 1976. Notice how Egyptian money is bilingual, English and Arabic. This is common in other Arabian countries. The huge numbers of foreigners working in Arabic countries often know some English. New countries, like Saudi Arabia put their leaders, such as King Abdulaziz. Notice how the English side has an airport, … Continue reading Money

Christina Randall – YouTube Person Worth Listening To

I discovered this young woman who talks about life in prison. She was sentenced to three years after being forgiven by judges for years for many minor offenses. One video explained her first three years. She was savagely abused. In one video, she described her first three years as a child, where her biological parents seriously abused her. She then went into the foster system….. Her story made me experience so much grief. And to look at major inappropriate teenage behavior. She made me wonder what horrors those kids may have also experienced too. She tells stories about other people’s … Continue reading Christina Randall – YouTube Person Worth Listening To

White Privilege – I have about 20% of it and belong to a family of cops

PS – I was wrong. The difference between being born with black or white skin does shape one’s freedoms. A good education is the key for all people of all colors, especially those born poor. A good education improves life. I was wrong. To wake each day, housed in black skin, immediately makes a person a target. For thousands of daily arrows to kill one’s body and soul. I used to wonder who so many Black families lacked a father. As even The Rock said, all men feel the need to protect and feed their families But when a man, … Continue reading White Privilege – I have about 20% of it and belong to a family of cops

Exotic Food from around the World

When introducing food vocabulary, I asked students what their favorite food was. When they asked me, my response was: “Free food. Or food someone else cooked.” But even a non-foodie learns to appreciate food when living abroad. Here’s some wonderful food that can sometimes only be experienced on foreign soil. My first exotic food was experienced in Canada. PINEAPPLE & HAM PIZZA, SALMON, FRIED PASTA – CANADABack in 1974, pineapple & ham pizza was a rarity, introduced to me by fellow writing  students in Vancouver, Canada.  Another classmate, a gourmet cook, introduced me to salmon. It felt like I had … Continue reading Exotic Food from around the World