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17 Old Age Advantages

Able to satisfy my addiction to readingThe Internet, a free-English rotating library, and scrupulous spending on Kindle satisfies that need. Can use the excuse ‘I’m old’ I flash my passport to healthy young men on crowded trains when no seats are available. Don’t have to worry about getting into college or grad schoolDid that. Know a lotHow I wish I had understood money, food, health, hormones, and the brain and nervous systems! As well as sexuality; how culture forms personality; and, differences – on all levels – between men and women, as I do now! Living in 10 countries and … Continue reading 17 Old Age Advantages

Old Age Health – Problems & Cures

Kidney Stones & Constipation Diabetes E Coli Rotary Arm Cuff Pulled Knee and leg muscles Stevia – diabetic sugar substitute Dry Skin Fatigue 1. KIDNEY STONES  – Quebra Pedra tea Diagnosing a kidney stone is problematic. Many doctors, including urologists, are clueless that kidney stones cause constipation. “Oh, it’s just constipation,” one young doctor casually dismissed my distress. Finally, with unbearable pain, a late-night rush to an emergency room, then an MRI, an infected kidney stone was discovered. The cure? An IV hook-up. After three hours, I was woken. The label on the IV’s bottle was Cipro. Horrors!  Cipro can … Continue reading Old Age Health – Problems & Cures

Three Books I Love

My Forbidden Face by Latifa which chronicles the plight of a teenager living in Afghanistan when the Taliban invades her village in 1996. While in high school in the 1960s, Anne Frank’s Diary was required reading.  This should be added to that list. It records recent history from a young person’s point of view, about a terrifying reality most of us will, hopefully, never live.   (opening chapter)  (reviews) Lost Discoveries by Dick Teresi is a science book written for the masses. Teresi manages to explain the history of mathematics with its details and horrors early mathematicians experienced in … Continue reading Three Books I Love

Christmas Cards from Arabia, Indonesia and Egypt

Living in Arabia, constant contradictions, surprises and sometimes disasters caused culture shock. However, one delightful but highly unknown, is Christmas cards – designed as either ‘Season’s Greetings’ and ‘Happy New Year’ cards, available in December. In 1985, I was able to mail such cards to friends and family in the States. However, I heard other women complain that the clerks at Riyadh’s main post office refused to accept them. Following are many Arabic cards, designed by Oriental Art Gallery and others in Dubai. Also included are two from mostly Muslim Indonesia and one from Egypt. Continue reading Christmas Cards from Arabia, Indonesia and Egypt